Risk Protocol

Staking Rewards

Token Staking

Stake any ERC20 token on any supported platform in exchange for rewards from the house edge!
All stakers of any token in our dapp will receive a Risky-version of their token. This token both holds inherent value, and is also a representative share of the pool. Stakers own the pool. When gambling happens in the pool, the house edge is diverted to stakers, and protocol as rewards. Currently, the rewards split is as follows:
  • 85% of house edge as rewards to stakers
  • 10% of house edge as protocol-owned-liquidity (POL)
  • 5% of house edge as payment for team of developers

Risk Vesting

Vest RISK, or RISK-ETH LP tokens in exchange for a share of all activity throughout the entire platform. Those who vest RISK and R-LP are entitled to the entire cut of the rewards share of RISK-gaming. They are also entitled to a share of the rewards share for all token-gaming activity on the platform. Rewards ratio favors R-LP vesters in order to incentivize deep liquidity.